Friday, February 18, 2011

Watched Pot

I feel like puff painting myself a t-shirt this weekend that says "A Watched Pot Never Boils". OMG remember puff paints? They still make that shit. I am not sure if anyone buys it anymore, for all I know the paint on the store shelves could be left over from my elementary school days when I distinctly remember ironing a bear onto a sweatshirt and adding puff paint for more "flare". Man was I stylish! I just can't understand why I didn't have my first boyfriend until the age of 15....nope the reason is still not coming to me.
I received 15 e-mails today and although some were junk mail, more than half were people checking up on me. E-mails combined with people at work asking "how are you?" with a little more emphasis than normal, and text messages and phone calls, I am starting to feel like a little pot. Okay technically a big pot. I could hold a whole lot of chili.....wait why does that gross me the f out?
Andy's step-mom is the worst. As you know....or as you would know if you talked to her because she mentions it every... single.... time...her daughter went into labor 3 weeks early (just a couple days past 37 weeks). So despite the fact that I have told her how great I am feeling and that there are no signs that things are getting close and that I am thinking I will most likely be late, she says 'you never know, look at Brittany, almost a whole month early! You could have a baby by next weekend'. I am like 'seriously?'. I get it, everyone is anxious.....or it seems everyone but me is anxious. It isn't that I am unanxious? Is that a word? Going to check this one out. Hey whatdoyaknow, it is a word. Score one for Natalie. So yes, it isn't that I am unanxious, I just figured it would be a while still. I don't want to sit here and concentrate on every teeny tiny second of the next 3-5 weeks because it will definitely make me batty. 
Let's look at the facts that lead me to believe it will be a while yet. Fact one: several days before Brittany went into labor she started leaking from the boobies. Natalie's boobs: normal. OMG but they are huge, did I tell you that when I went to get fitted for nursing bras they put me in a E! Crazy! Before this pregnancy I was wearing a 36C if that gives you any perspective of where these monsters are headed. Apparently they are headed to infinity and beyond. Anyway, so no boob leakage.
Fact two: no increased downstairs fluids. From what I have read and heard that can be a sign that your cervix is preparing itself. Fact three: Brittany and pretty much everyone else I have talked to who was nearing the "end" was miserable. Couldn't breath, couldn't sleep, couldn't walk, couldn't poo. All that fun stuff. I am still feeling really good. My only real complaint is heartburn. And let me tell you, if that old wives tale about heartburn meaning your baby will be born with hair is true, Nugget is going to look like a monkey. A long-haired monkey. But I have been told by more than one person who had a bald baby and tons of heartburn that there is no correlation. Whew! I definitely can't bring myself to explain why I gave birth to a chimp.
Point is, I am still sleeping pretty well. It is definitely harder to physically get out of bed to go to the bathroom and sometimes I find my brain working on overdrive when I settle back in to go to sleep. But that is mostly because I sit there wondering what Nugget is going to look like....whether he'll have excessive hair, just kidding! Whether he is going to get up at 2:30am every morning because that is usually the time I wake up to go pee. That kind of stuff. So it is brain induced sleep issues. Breathing, walking and pooing are all going well. For those of you having issues with the latter, let me tell you a secret: Blue Bonnet liquid Cal/Mag. The blueberry flavor is all I have tried, but there are other options too. It is kind of amazing. My midwife had me start taking it in addition to my prenatals just as a blood pressure preventative thing and man does that stuff have other benefits. One of which has to do with your number two pipes and the other, it actually does help with heartburn....most of the time. Sometimes that heartburn is determined to be an a-hole and no amount of tums or cal/mag can make a difference.
Fact four: no contractions. When I walk around, which I try to do a lot of, I can feel everything tightening, but sort of like you are doing a crunch. It isn't painful and I barely notice it is happening. I keep looking out for signs of "period-like cramping" and more noticeable warm-up contractions, but so far nothing noticeable.
Basically, I think we're a long way away. I mean we are at most 6 weeks away, if he's not out by then, I am pretty sure they will force him out, but I definitely think I am going to go well into March. Which is actually totally fine with me. Like I said I am still comfortable and happy. But I realize people are still going to be keeping a close eye on me....watching my every move. Asking how I am with added concern. My mischievious side wants to play some pranks, but then I remember that whole 'boy who cried wolf' thing and put the kibosh on that idea.


  1. Let's just say I'm planning on coming next Friday to hang out and have a good day with you, and your belly :) I am so happy about your attitude of not getting anxious...that probably will come...but you are doing great with it all still. I agree you are probably a while out, but I always acknowledge that babies can't read the books so they don't always follow the "rules" and can surprise us. I am excited though. Oh, and just wait for your milk to come's like a cool party trick...the amazing growing boobs!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling to calm about things at this point. He'll come when he's good and ready. :)

  3. Sounds like your SIL's due date might have been wrong...especially since her milk came in so early. After all, they do say that due dates are + or - 2 weeks since they really don't KNOW when you ovulated.... But good for you for staying relaxed...I sure hope I'm as cool as a cucumber when I'm that close! (PS It's totally weird/super exciting that I'll be a PARENT in about 3 months....what a strange feeling, in a good way!)

  4. Oh puff paint! I would be trying to decorate a shirt and an air bubble would always pop around, splattering paint everywhere and ruining the whole design. Not cool.

    Glad you're enjoying this stage of pregnancy. :)

  5. Mommy fact: puff painted dots and designs on the bottoms of regular socks make cheap traction for your little one when they're learning to walk. Just in case you wanted to whip out the puff paint again. =)

    Also, I say don't worry about when the due date is, when will he come, what will happen, what are the signs pointing towards, etc. Just enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy and get AS MUCH SLEEP AS POSSIBLE. You won't be seeing much of it after the baby comes for about the first 2 months. I tried to prepare myself for delivery and psych myself up by telling myself "I could be a parent today!!!" But when Cadence came, I realized that it doesn't matter, because she's there and it's nothing like you expected it to be, but it's wonderful, so it doesn't matter when the little guy comes. Anyways, sorry to ramble, but that's my 2 cents.

    Hope all goes well... I miss you! I'm planning several trips out to CO soon... one in March, 2 in May, and one in June. We'll have to get our little ones together for a play date!

  6. I'm glad time isn't stalling for you with all these people asking how you're doing and if the baby is here yet. He will definitely come when he's ready.

  7. Hah- I totally have you beat, I had my first boyfriend at the age of 18. Incidentally I also was friends with puff paint. Coincidence>?