Monday, January 3, 2011

Is This Really Necessary?

My dad called on Saturday and I didn't answer it. We were at lunch with Emmicakes and Pickles so I let it go to voicemail. Then I have to be honest, I forgot about it. I checked my messages on Sunday morning, Big Butter had called just to say hey. Dad's message said what it typically does 'I am coming down to Denver today and want to see you and Nate (Butter)' but then he said something unexpected, 'there is something I need to tell you guys and I want to do it in person'. Red flag. Red flag on fire in the sky. I instantly felt really guilty about ignoring and forgetting his call.
I called him back and it went to his voicemail. Then I tried his wife, which is indicative of where my head was at because I usually avoid that like the plague. She said he was at work, but would definitely call me as soon as he could, she was sure of it. From her demeanor things didn't appear to be urgent. But that doesn't really tell me a whole lot.
Then I called Big Butter back. I asked him 'What's going on?' and his response was 'um I think Dad wants to tell you himself'. Come on! Really? Then he said 'I can tell you it isn't about putting Grandma in the nut house'.
Needless to say I spent the rest of the afternoon worrying. Does he have cancer? Some other terminal disease? I tried to stay positive. Okay brain what are some not so bad things he could want to tell me. Shelly's pregnant. That would be like the Twilight Zone, but at least not a death kind of thing. Maybe he is moving to another state. That would be cool with me, you all know how often I see him. Maybe he just wants to talk about crazy grandma. Maybe my uncle and him have been talking about grandma and want to get the family on board with moving her into some sort of transition community or something. But I have to admit, I highly doubt this could have anything to do with anyone but him. He isn't exactly the involved child, not that it should surprise you. My grandpa was in the nursing home for over a year and he came by twice....which grandma is infinitely bitter about.
It crossed my mind to call grandma. But then I figured if it was something involving dad, he might want to tell us first, so Grandma might not know. Chances are if she did know before me, even if dad asked her to wait to talk to me until he had a chance, she wouldn't abide that. She is a gossip to the millionth degree. No way she could keep quiet, even for 24 hours.
He finally called me back at around 7pm last night. The conversation definitely didn't confirm my "positive" ideas. He said he wanted to come down today to talk to me. I told him I usually get home around 6pm and he said he would be at the house at 6:30pm. So something is wrong......or Shelly is pregnant. My brain is pretty convinced those are the only two options at this point. I feel like he could tell me about moving over the phone. Maybe not, but it seems like he could.
When I told Andy about the call he was like 'is the suspense really necessary? I get he wants to tell you in person, but isn't leaving you worrying worse than just telling you over the phone?'. Um yes. I would rather hear over the phone than have to wait 24 hours with my crazy woman brain running wild. Because it is still trying to find positive possibilities. There isn't much I can do, but try to distract myself until 6:30 tonight. I get what is happening here. My life was at almost drama-free levels. So now something has to happen to change that up. Go figure. At this point I am just hoping I am really wrong about all these assumptions. Maybe he has just been really bored and wants to come hang out with me......okay from verbal evidence, that can't be it, but that is what I am going to tell myself until 6:30p tonight. Because worrying isn't going to do a whole lot for me.


  1. Oh my gosh...I am dying for you. I had hoped that this story was from yesterday and when I got to the end of the post you would have already talked to him last night and knew what he wanted to tell you. No such luck I see. I'll go ahead and answer your husband’s question, "no, the drama is completely unnecessary".

    Sorry you're having to're in the homestretch now.

  2. Ugh. That is not fair. I would call your brother back and make him tell you - come on, man up, you know you want to do it.

    Keep us posted and I hope its not that he's sick and I hope its not that Shelly's pregnant. I'm hoping...he won the lottery.