Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Friday Recap

Now that Andy is in school, I rarely get the opportunity to spend the day by myself. Not that I am complaining. Believe me, having him around all the time is way better than how things used to be. And I am not one of those girls who can't go off and do things on her own, even if it means her hubs is waiting at home. So what am I saying exactly?....hmmm I've lost myself. Basically I think what I am getting at is that it is rare for the alone time to come from something he initiates, if that makes sense. So when he told me last Thursday that he would be meeting a buddy after school for some beers on Friday, I was all for it. Now what I should have done, due to my lack of brain power, was to make an actual list of all the things I wanted to do. I think in the end I was able to remember about half, but it turned out to be perfect. I probably would have been in bed by 7pm if I had gotten to it all.
First thing on the unwritten list was my midwife appointment. Man, having these appointments every two weeks really makes the time fly. At this appointment I met the student midwife who will be at my birth. Her name is Catherine and the reason I am telling you this is because I am terrible with names. So I am writing it in my blog in the hopes to solidify it in my own pea-sized brain. Anyway Catherine (see how I am using it multiple times) was super sweet and adorable. My midwife asked me a while back if I would be okay having a student midwife at my birth. I guess some people might be reluctant, but I am all for sharing my lady parts with the world. hahaha. Just kidding. But I am all for education and shit. Catherine looked like a model straight out of the Anthropologie Catalog. Seriously, if I could have fit into her outfit, I would have stolen it. Oh and of course she just had a baby...and she looks amazing. Bah. I want to call her bad names, but I just can't. She was too cool. She watched me with her pretty doe eyes as my midwife went through our routine questions. I peed in a cup and checked my weight. I came back in the room and started laughing. I asked my midwife if she would be coming in there with me when I could no longer read the scale around my belly. I am already having trouble reaching down to hold the cup, maybe I should try going around my thigh....hmmm logistics are going to start being an issue. Pretty sure she isn't going to want to hold my cup for me. Then it was time to lay down and do the belly stuff. I love this part. Mostly because this is when my midwife tells me how Nugget is laying and I get to hear his heartbeat. But also, she has super gentle and soothing hands. It is sort of like going to get a massage....only you're just getting a belly rub. Anyway, if I could lay there all day and just have her feel around that would be cool with me. Nugget was head down and butt to my left side. He was even facing towards my spine, good kid! That's the position you want them in during birth to get their noggin past your tailbone easier. After the midwife was done, she asked if Catherine could repeat the checks. Yep! So I got a double dose of the gentle hands. Ahhh.
Anyhoodles, after my appointment I went to Vitamin Cottage for some supplies. When they took my blood pressure, the bottom number had creeped up just a little. Not to a critical level or anything to worry too much about yet, but just to be on top of things, my midwife suggested some things. Plus it was time for some more prenatals: Rainbow Lite (or Rainbow Bright for Josey). Besides the prenatals I got liquid Cal/Mag, blueberry flavored; passion flower drops, which smell horrific!; and Raspberry leaf tea. Between all that and the 5 fish oil pills I take everyday, I am starting to have a regime similar to my 80-year-old grandpa. I seriously considered getting one of those weekly pill organizers, but it doesn't really work well with the liquid stuff. Plus my pills are gihugic so they wouldn't all fit in those little squares. Oh semi-funny story! So last night I was watching an episode of Intervention on Netflix (which you shouldn't do while you are quickly approaching parenthood FYI) and the girl was addicted to Vicodin (which she was stealing from her dying father...so sad). She was talking about how she would take seven pills at a time and about 20 pills a day total. Of course this was the brain trigger to remind me to get up and take all my meds. I sat there and emptied out my 6 prenatals, 5 fish oils, and started working my way through them. Nothing like a drug addict to remind you to take your meds.
After Vitamin Cottage, someone (who shall remain nameless) might have gone through the drive through at Go.od Tim.es for a chocolate malt. And it is possible this person was overzealous and ordered a large. However, in this person's defense she or he (for confusion sake) had never been to Goo.d Time.s and based on a previous establishment's "large" she or he was worried a small would not cut it. Turns out a large at Goo.d Tim.es is WAY too much chocolate malt for said person. But it was delicious....according to this person. Anyway, I choose to believe that chocolate malts count towards all that milk pregnant people are supposed to drink.....not that said person was a pregnant woman.....damn! you figured it out didn't you? Anyway, ever since this malt all I can think about is that I need to go get another one. But I am resisting. Go willpower!
Next on the list was to get dog food, then to Lowe's for some of the supplies on my labor kit list. If you're curious they included plastic sheeting for under the pool and to put on the bed, a hose for pool filling, a nozzle adaptor, and a flashlight. Since I was on a birth kit roll, I went to the grocery store to pick up some other stuff including peroxide (for post-delivery laundry...who knew?) q-tips and alcohol (technically we had this stuff, but I wanted to have all my birth kit stuff separate, so there is no chance that we'll run out of alcohol and/or qtips right when we need them), recharge energy drinks, and pads. My midwife said I could opt to get some depends, but there was no way in hell I was going through the check-out with those in my cart. Even though I did pass by them and did you know they have like a 3 pack that are different colors, sort of like a package of underwear? I didn't. But there ya go. For those brave enough to go the depends route.
After all that, I am almost done with my kit. There are still a few things I need to get: towels and snacks and things I want to have, but I am getting close.....and yes I came home and put it all in a tupperware container and put it in the nursery.
I was starting to fade after all the errands, but I swung through the bank and ended my day at the nail salon. My toenail polish has needed some attention so I decided it was time for a girlie stop. You've all probably sat in one of those massage chairs that has the percussion setting? You know the one I am talking about. You are sitting there in the middle of the massage routine and all of a sudden the chair starts pushing you from side to side which makes your boobs bounce like crazy, making you laugh and snort with embarrassment since you are in a room full of people? If you don't know what I am talking about, get yourself to a nail salon with a massage chair and try it out.
Well my nail place just got new chairs. Apparently the technology just keeps on going. These chairs are even more embarrassment-enducing because not only do they maintain the percussion setting of their ancestors, but they also have a butt massage feature. I shit you not. I sat down, my friendly non-english speaking nail technician started up the chair and all of a sudden I am moving back and forth as the chair violates my cheeks. Don't get me wrong, in the privacy of your own home or like in a separate massage room, this would be extremely awesome, but when you are sitting in a room full of people and looking down on this little woman doing your nails, it is hard not to be embarrassed by something rubbing your ass. Now that I have joined the world of you texters I sent a message to Bret to tell her about the violation and how mortified I was. She was of course amused.
After my toenails were restored to their acceptable cuteness levels, I headed home to unpack all my buys and kick my feet up. I started to watch a chick flick, but before it got too far Andy came home. I felt like a superwoman for all the things I accomplished in a short period of time....but yes I still went to bed super early. hahaha.


  1. Holy shit girl, you seriously ran some errands! Color me impressed.

    And now I must go and get me a malt, I get no guilt from that either. In my hypno book they tell me NO FRENCH FRIES and to that I say bah humbug. I'll eat my french fries and add a frosty to the top just for fun.

    I'm a rule breaker.

  2. It's fun to read about the crazy shit I'll be doing errands to pick up someday. Maybe. PLEASE maybe.

    I honestly have one of the ginormous pill organizers now b/c of everything I'm taking - the prenatals, vitex, primrose, flaxseed, and herbs... charlie calls me a pill poppoer. :-)

  3. I'm exhausted just reading about how productive you were friend!!