Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Better Start a To-Do List

Monday I hit 30 weeks. Holy shit ya'll, I think I am going to have a baby. Did that occur to you before? Because every Monday, when I get a week closer to that little sucker popping his head out my naughty bits, it is like it hits me for the first time. I have been slacking on my Baby Center reading. I am not too sure when that happened, but I can only surmise that it was a direct result of starting to feel movement. See before my belly started to get round and I felt little wiggles, I was so excited to check every week to see what was happening in there. But now reading about how Nugget is the size of a cabbage just doesn't do much for me. The only reason I know he is the size of a cabbage....or maybe he weighs as much as a cabbage? because a co-worker asked me this morning how big he was. The headline on Baby Center said "do you feel like you have been pregnant forever?" and I thought to myself "no....what? I'm pregnant?".
I am serious too. This kid deserves some sort of award for fetal excellence because he's been just about as easy as can be....well minus weeks 5-12 where I vaguely recall telling myself I would never have another kid again....yeah pretty sure the pregnancy amnesia has worked its magic on me. Maybe the fact that he has been so easy should worry me (does that mean he will be a pain in the ass for the next 18 years?). Up until this point I have just chalked it up to the fact that I've wanted this little guy for a really long time. When I met up with Steph a few weeks ago, she was asking me how my blog started and we were talking about how I didn't really ever talk about my infertility until the very end....right before I got pregnant, go figure. That's because when this whole banana boat set sail, I hadn't planned to share that stuff. I started this blog out of pure peer pressure by my buddy Katie (who I must point out hasn't blogged in months.....hint...hint....HINT!). She apparently received some level of enjoyment from the dribble that comes out of my brain via my mouth that she told me to start writing.  It wasn't until I found other people like Steph and Josey and SIF that I realized others were being open with their struggles...that there was a whole community of supportive women out there sharing their stories. So then I started to open up as to what was really going on with me. But then I got knocked up, so from a time frame aspect it appeared to be a quick process.
Long story short, this little fella was a few years in the making. First, there was the whole process of talking Andy into what a good idea it would be to give up our independence for poopy diapers. Then when that battle was won we spent almost a year and a half not getting pregnant. So when Baby Center asked "do you feel like you have been pregnant forever?", I thought: 'I feel like I have been waiting for this little guy forever, but not like I have been pregnant forever'.
Okay but let me be fair. Even I am experiencing a few negatives. You know how I hate to talk about the negatives, but I also feel the need for honest reporting. First off, my pelvis is basically connected with silly putty. What with all that relaxin making joints and things more flexible, it is making my pelvis more flexible. That point where your pelvis comes together in the front gets mighty sore. My solution has been to do lots of pelvic floor exercises (Kegals), lots of squats, and I am constantly correcting my posture. Having this weight out in front of you invariably results in you trying to counter balance it by swaying your back and rotating your hips forward. Bad idea. It is harder on your back. So whenever I think about it, I try to rotate the top of my hips back and my tail bone under...if that makes sense. It is sort of like you are trying to suck in your belly....which can't be done at this stage. But all these movements seem to help alieviate the pains. 
Second, I had to purchase pantyliners. Andy was with me when I wandered into that aisle at the store and he said 'I thought you didn't need this stuff anymore'. I turned to him and said 'I don't want to talk about it'. Let's just say that most days, I need them. 
Third, there are more aches and pains when I sleep. Some nights I can sleep just fine and only roll over once or twice, but some nights I am like a tornado. I turn from right to left to right and I just can't find that comfy position.  
Fourth, my left ankle has decided to get puffy in the evening. I read a lot about swelling, but no one ever talked about asymmetrical swelling. I didn't realize just one of your ankles could get swollen. Apparently it can. But yeah, those are the only bad things I can think of right now. Like I said, not too big of a deal. I feel pretty spoiled overall.
So I just realized I have totally gotten off track here with this post business. The entire point was to start a to do list. Man my bunny trails are getting extreme. Here's the deal though. I have approximately 10 weeks to get stuff done. Which sounds like a lot, but from those who went before me, I have learned that the last 4 weeks is pretty much off limits as far as getting anything done. So that gives me 6 weeks. That's less than a summer semester (yes I just nerded out and made a school reference). Holy shit balls peeps. That is not a lot of time.
Here's what I still need to do:
  • Find a glider and ottoman on Craigslist and recover it. This is proving to be quite difficult. I am not sure if it is just the time of year where everyone is buying gliders, but by the time I find one and e-mail the poster, it's gone. Very frustrating. But I also refuse to pay full price for a new one. Ridiculous!
  • Take down the guest bed and put it in the garage. I am hoping to do this tonight. Andy's little sister is going to take the bed, but doesn't need it until the beginning of February. I can't wait that long to set up the room. So I bought plastic sheeting (the kind you use as a drop cloth for painting) and I plan to wrap it all up and move it out.
  • Set up the room. Andy has been working really hard to finish painting all the furniture and hardware. It is looking really awesome. It is possible that by the end of this weekend everything will be done and inside the room.
  • Buy a rug. It is ridiculously hard to find a chartreuse rug. Apparently it is not as popular a color as I might have imagined. I found a round one online at Target, but the reviews said it is more yellow than green. Bah, this could be more difficult than the glider.
  • Make the crib blanket. Big Butter got me the most fantabulous fabric from my favorite store for Christmas. It was totally out of the blue, but sometimes it is like we are from the same mother or something. I had been struggling with finding the perfect fabric to go on the other side of the snuggle fabric I already bought. Three cheers for Big Butter and his awesomeness. Now I just have to put it together
  • Get my serger fixed. Alas, this is the saddest bit of news I have to deliver. It seems my serger is having issues. Perhaps I have overworked her this past year. But just recently she started breaking needles left and right. Before I run off to an expert though, I think I need to sit down and make sure something didn't just slip out of adjustment. There are a lot of knobs on her. It is possible something got moved....not by me though...yeah that would never happen.
  • Hang shelves, picture frames and art.
  • Figure out a system to organize baby clothes. If anyone has a good system, whether it be making labels, or whatever, do share.
  • Take pictures! OMG I almost completely forgot about this one. Here's the issue. I have no idea when to get maternity pictures taken. I have an appointment to have my belly painted with Henna and photographed in the middle of February.....yes Andy has already pointed out how I am a big hippie. But I want to take normal pictures too. Problem is my belly button has not caught up yet. Meaning it still looks like I have a donut hole in the middle of my belly. I want to be fully round before I take them, but I also don't want to wait too much longer and be too gigantoid.
  • Find a pediatrician. Okay this is the important shit, forget the above to do stuff relating to the room. I need to take on the real tasks like this one. I have some names. Of course I always forget the list at home and doctor's offices have the same business hours as my work. Weird.
  • Figure out how to get this fella circumcised. I know I brought this up before because I was having mom anxieties about chopping parts off of my baby. But I went with the original decision and put it back in Andy's hands. I think the pediatrician will be able to help me out with this one, so better move that one to number one.
  • Childcare! Holy shit, have I got a lot to do. There are a handful of places I want to visit right around the house. The problem is that neither of them let you put your name in for a spot. You just have to hope one is available when your kid arrives. Sucky. I still want to try to find an option up in Boulder. Now that Andy is for sure going to school there, it might make the most sense for him to just be able to drop Nugget off right before class and then pick him up right after. This would minimize the amount of day care we need. To be thorough I also want to check on some options down by my work. I am thinking it will be cost prohibitive considering he would be there from 7am-6pm five days a week, but again, to be thorough, I should check it out.
  • Figure who is coming to visit and when. This is obviously on the lower priority level. But I do need to figure out how long Andy's mom is planning on staying and who else is planning to come into town right after this little Nugget shows up. I know you are going to think I am mental, but with everything else I am bound to be thinking about when the time comes, I might get O.C.D. enough to wash all the linens and bundle them into visitors groups. That way I will have everything ready to change over before hand. Yeah mental I know. I blame the nesting urge.
I need to stop the list there. It is ridunkulously long already and you guys are probably starting to panic, so you can imagine how i feel. Bah! Anyway, I know it will all get done. I am not worried...per se. It's okay Natalie, just one thing at a time. Start with the important stuff: step one: pediatrician! I'll keep you posted how this all plays out.


  1. Ok, I got dizzy just reading this list. You are super organized and I am so impressed. Sometimes just getting it all down on paper (or blog as in this case) can make you feel like you have a handle on it though. Take it one task at a time and you'll rock it.

  2. Oh wow. But writing it down helps, and its good you've got some things (like daycare and the pediatrician) prioritized. I wish I lived closer, I would come help you- I love moving furniture!

  3. Phew - deep breaths. Your list overwhelms me.

    Also, I cannot wait to see if you talk in run-on sentences as well. :)

    It will all get done when it needs to - one thing at a time!