Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Big Babies

I was catching up on Jess's blog  over at IROCKSOWHAT and this entry reminded me of some funny shit I must share. If you have dug deep into my blogging in my first post, you know that we already have three kids....hairy smelly ones that poop in the yard, but kids none the less. The two boys have proven the be the biggest babies ever, and the most cooperative when it comes to pictures. They both have short hair and once winter set in, I noticed them shivering and huddled together on the couch. I had some fleece so I decided they needed little snuggies to keep them warm.

 Lincoln (left) is already sporting his, meanwhile Bogger is being very uncooperative as I try to fit his.
After they were done, Andy and I decided they looked like little Jedi's. So we decided Bogger is Luke and Lincoln is Obiwan.

This picture makes me laugh because it looks like I have smushed Lincoln under my legs.

For the grand finale: I am still trying to get Bogger to stop wanting to lay right on top of my belly. He weighs way too much. But he thinks he is the baby. We are going to have some jealousy issues once Nugget arrives.