Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A week of randomness

So this week (19 weeks) I realized Nugget is squished. Look at this picture from Baby Center:

actual photo, to be interpreted literally

No wonder I haven't felt a kick yet, there is no space to wind up. Don't you worry though, this week my round ligaments are stretching. Basically this means that a couple times it has felt like Nugget has a shive and is practicing his/her prison survival skills on my uterus. If I told you we watched "Dead Man Walking" last night would that better explain where that analogy came from? There isn't really a lot to report this week in Nugget news. He/she still squirms around a bit everyday, but that's about it. 

Okay on with the randomness:
  • So my dad got married on Sunday. Or at least that was the plan, not sure if it happened or not. You might recall this here post where my dad's fiance e-mailed me about saving the date October 10th. Yes 10-10-10, does that make anyone else want to barf at how cutsey that is? Or is it just me? Anyhoodles, there was some drama surrounding the weeks following that e-mail. Although I had decided to go to support my dad and all that. But as you might have gathered, we didn't end up going. Now before you get all blamey, it wasn't my call. Originally the wedding was supposed to be just my Dad and his Fiance and their offspring. Well apparently when a handful of other family members found out that they weren't invited (not certain if it was hers or my dad's), feelings were hurt, so then they contemplated having a bigger wedding. But, according to my dad, it got out of hand, so they decided that it would be just the two of them and two of their friends to witness it. That was the last update I heard from my dad about a month ago. I have to admit that I was a little relieved to be left out of it. It isn't that I wasn't willing to go and that I wouldn't have been happy for him and all that shit, but there is no telling if it would have bothered me for days and days afterward. I'd like to think that it wouldn't. I feel like I have found a zen-place with the situation. But now that it is, in theory, over I am kind of confused about the protocol. So from what little information my dad distributes, the plan was for them to go to some small hotel that has marriage services, get hitched, then they were headed to the Grand Canyon or Joshua Tree or some place like that for a period of time. I thought about calling last week to see how he was doing and just to say hi. Then I thought about calling on Saturday to like say "have a good time" or something. Then I thought about calling on Monday and seeing how it went, but then I thought maybe he would be driving across Southern Colorado or Utah and he isn't exactly a regular phone answerer when he is at home. Anypoodles, basically I am not sure what I should be doing. Should I wait for him to call when they get back?
  • Turns out I am ridiculously paranoid. So I got this e-mail a week ago or something about how teenagers have developed a new "prank" basically they put drano and some other shit in plastic bottles and then leave them on people's lawns. When you go to pick it up to put it in the trash, the liquids mix and explode. According to the e-mail people loose limbs and shit. When I got the e-mail I just thought it was some silly urban legend and deleted it. Well this morning I got on the train and there was a Vitamin Water bottle sitting on the bench where I usually park....yes I have a regular spot on the train, like your surprised, remember the favorite toilet thing? anyway I picked up the bottle and set it on the floor by my feet, then settled into my favorite spot. Well then my mind started running wild. I eyed the bottle and realize it was a bright red color. So then I started thinking "does vitamin water even come in that color? The one's I have seen are mostly watered out colors." Then I thought about the teenage girl who got off the train just before I got on. She had skinny jeans and seemed to be in rush. As the train pulled up I noticed her frantically pushing the door open button, even though the doors always open at every stop (unless it is crazy snowy and blizzardy out, then they make you push the button to conserve warmth and shit). Then my brain thought 'she was in kind of a hurry...that might be why she forgot her bottle... or maybe she was trying to get she planted a bottle bomb and then ran off'. From that point on I couldn't stop eyeing the bottle. What do I do? Do I tell the fare check guy? Will he think I am crazy and call the cops? How will I explain to my boss that I was put into a padded room because of this stupid bogus e-mail? But what if I don't say anything and someone get's hurt? What if I get hurt? Should I move? Will I look crazy for moving? Like I said brain=wild. Finally I decided the risk of looking a wee bit weird for moving was worth it should the vibrations on the train cause this thing to explode and thus cause me to lose all my limbs. Better weird than not being able to hold Nugget. After I moved, despite feeling like a complete nerd, I did actually finally relax. Whatever I know I am a huge nerd for putting any weight to the bottle bomb thought, but I couldn't stop my brain. It has a life of its own.
  • Coby, our middle dog, which I have half a mind to rename Princess Destructo, has completely destroyed the couch in the basement. It was a hand-me-down couch from Andy's SMIL, so it had a few holes in it when we got it that I stitched closed. Coby realized two things. First, she seems to think the back of the couch is a treadmill, so she runs in place with her front feet, which resulted in opening up the holes. Second, she realized there is stuffing in the couch. Every time we have gotten her a stuffed toy she has opened it up and pulled the stuffing out. She realized the couch is like a giant toy. So she started pulling stuffing out. I caught on early the first time and sewed the holes back closed again, but she has dedicated some serious time to the couch recently. Not only did she open it back up, but she has basically shredded any hope of stitching it back together. That project would take a serious surgeon to fix. I bought fabric last weekend, thanks to a Columbus Day sale at JoAnn's, to make a slip cover. While that is in the works, Coby and I have been playing a game. I go down everyday and pick up all the fluff and shove it back into the couch and she spends the next day while I am not home pulling it back out. She thinks it is the best game ever! Little does she know, the fabric is cut and ready to be sewn and her game is about to be thwarted. I bought the heaviest material I could find and they make some hideous yet sturdy material...and I plan to get this couch covered by the end of next weekend.
I think that is the end of the randomness for today. Hope you're all having similarly awesome Fall weather like we've been having. Time for cider, a blanket, and a good book!


  1. I have to laugh that you don't know whether or not your dad got married. Probably for the best you didn't end up going. I have major drama with my dad right now that I haven't written about, but when I do, I'm sure the comments will be flying. Yay for being 19 weeks!! That baby looks super uncomfortable in that pic...

  2. lol I love reading your posts.... we'll have to take you to the Happy Apple Farm next year :)

  3. Holy cow!! He looks like a contortionist in there! That can't possibly be normal!

    And I kind of love that you just used the word Shiv. I am always telling one of my best friends that I'm going to shank her. It's kind of our thing! :)

  4. OMG that is hilarious. Don't feel alone. I once smelled vanilla on the train once, and it was really empty, so I was SURE that "they" were pumping poisonous gas into the train and we were all gonna die. Finally, after completely freaking the EFF out for 20 minutes I remembered that I had switched shampoos the night before and, yeah, it was vanilla-scented.

    i. am. an. idiot.

  5. Wow, that's crazy about your Dad. Do you know how long this honeymoon of sorts is going to last? If so, wait until they're back to call. If not, you might as well leave him a message saying congrats... can't hurt anything.

    Bummer about the couch stuffing. We just sent Kasey to go live with my parents, and he was always the major couch & toy stuffing tearer-outer. Now that we just have Chief, we're going to have to buy him a few toys since we gave that up when we got Kasey a couple of years ago!