Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr. Nugget

Well I tried to upload the video from the ultrasound but it was too big, boo. He was pretty deep in there, so the video wasn't that clear anyway, plus nugget was chillaxing so there was no movement or anything to see. Instead here are some images. He was measuring at 20 weeks 1 day and we were supposedly at 19w5d. I think the due date is still the same. I have no idea how that works. It doen't really matter because if he's like his father, he will come out when he is good and ready. Wait that came out really dirty! Sorry about that. You know what I meant. I meant he will take his sweet time. I am going to stop while I am ahead.
 This one is my absolute favorite. He's like 'sup mom? how you doin'?'. I can't wait to nibble on his little fingers.
I thought it was kick-ass when they color stuff. Here is the aorta running up and down the spine.
Here's his little face.
Little round noggin
Lighting up the cord to show that the intenstines are now inside the body and the placenta is functioning as it should.
Little toes to nibble on too.
Updated evil punisher pose. Muahaahaaaa. He is probably plotting how to take over the world as I write.
Lighting up the chambers of the heart. Go heart! You appear to be doing a good job.
I was hoping to get a distinctive picture of his junk, but she basically zoomed in and said 'here's the scrotum' and it was one of those pictures that you just had to be like 'whatever you say, expert lady'. You guys are going to f'ing bust up with my next post. I will be showing you how we celebrated Andy's "victory" of making a boy. I appologize for making this into like five posts in advance.


  1. Aw how awesome! I loved my ultrasound too - we have a video of the baby waving to us at one point. LOVE it plus just seeing the baby move around was so so awesome.

  2. Yay!!! I can't wait for my ultrasound!!! But for now I'll settle for my first appointment later this week! :-)

  3. That is so cool! I didn't know they did color on ultrasounds...Looks like you're doin good with Nugget in there. And your comment on my post cracked me up. Yeah, I don't know what to say either.

  4. FYI - I could watch the video you uploaded in my google reader.

    Can't wait to hear how Andy celebrated making a boy. :)