Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where in the world is Natalie San Diego

Doesn't really have the same ring to it as Carmen San Diego. Eh, I don't care enough to try to come up with something better.
So as part of my "catch up on shit I forgot to write about" attempt, here is some of the places and things I have been doing lately. Well in reality this is really a catalog of buildings I have been visiting. Hopefully you don't hate buildings. Here we go...via pictures. Because pictures are more fun.
First up, the grand opening of the A.R.F.F Station in Eug.ene.

The official ribbon cutting

My favorite part of the building.....yes because it is red.

The sun was not cooperating, otherwise this would have been a good picture.

Then I was magically wisked away to St. Jorge (see culture sneaking right in there) to visit the A.R.F.F construction there (for those who care A.R.F.F are firestations that sit on the airport. It stands for Aircraft Rescue and you're a dork too).
Coming along nicely.
Then I went several feet away to look at the Terminal Building.
It will be complete in the next couple of months.
I am sneaking into the boys bathroom.
Why do I feel so uncomfortable in here?
This one isn't mine, but last week our firm went on a tour of it. This is a new building in downtown that is rated LEED Platinum. Basically as green as you can get.
This is the roof garden above the parking garage where employees can come out to each lunch. Some company was having a taco bar catered staff meeting....I thought about joining in.
The Lobby
This glass piece was really cool
If you are wondering what they will do when the trees start getting too big for the lobby, I am wondering the same thing.
Wish my break room at work looked like this.

And that is about it. I know technically I didn't write anything about this stuff, but if we go with the old saying "a picture is worth 1,000 words" then I just wrote like the longest post ever.


  1. TOTALLY the longest post ever. :)

    Lovin' the architecture pics - sometimes it makes me wish I'd have finished that major. Can't wait to come up to Denver and see some of your designs in person some day!

  2. hehe - I'm a dork too - I work in roofing so I want more pictures of the green roof! I love them!