Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My head the past 24 hours:

Will this day never end? What do you mean it is only Tuesday?

Why are they painting the hallway walls with what smells like oil paint and baby powder?

I wish there were private bathrooms in this building because this ass can obviously no longer be controlled. Sorry other lady. It is surprising how little I care.

Thank goodness downtown provided all these beautiful flower planters along the street because I think I need one to barf in. Try to make it past the Cheesecake Factory, don't want to ruin everyone's day.

Lady standing ridiculously close to me while waiting for the bus to arrive, if you don't back the F up out of my breathing space I will intentionally throw-up on your shoes.

Don't throw up on the bus.

What do I have to do placenta throw you a f-ing party? Because I would do that.

I am going to eat macaroni and cheese for dinner. I know it is bad for me and all that, but thats what I want.

Macaroni and cheese might have been a bad idea. Shhhh don't tell Andy then he will win.

He talks a good talk, but this dude is as excited as I am for nugget to arrive. He went downstairs and brought up the Listerine for me. Then he tucked me into bed. 45 second later, or what felt like it, it was morning. When I reached over to shut off the alarm, in the spot my alarm usually is was a peeled orange and a bottle of water. Awww that is the cutest thing ever. Shut up alarm.

Crystal was right about grapefruit juice, it totally helps.....until you have to leave the house. Oh please don't throw up in the car.

Don't throw up on the bus.

"                        on the train.

How come every time I get to a spot where it would be okay to throw up, then you feel fine? Here I am next to a perfectly good bush, ready to dive in and pretend I dropped something so the cars driving by don't see what is going on, but no, you don't feel like throwing up now. You're a bitch. You know that? Not you nugget, you didn't do anything wrong.

I thought this shit was supposed to get easier over the next couple of weeks. It is definitely getting worse.

Three more weeks. Then everything will get better. Don't worry nugget you are totally worth this.

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  1. LOL...oh Nat, sorry you're feeling so awful lately. The peeled orange and glass of water was definitely adorable though!!