Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty Panties & Pavlov's Dog.

Okay I know this is the most ridiculous time for this urge to surface, but last night after my shower I saw my sad old undies and thought I should really go out and get some new ones. I am pretty sure I have been talking about it for a long time....like maybe over a year. Turns out I should have been more proactive about doing that earlier. The only new undies I am going to be getting anytime soon are going to look like this.
AHHHHHHHHHH! hahahaha. That looks like a freakin' tent. hahaha.
Since I am struggling to use my silly brain, it has been really hard for me to think of funny and whitty posts to keep you all entertained. So let me just make fun of myself for a few minutes.
The other day Andy and I were both in the kitchen. He was washing a pan and then I went over to the sink to wash my hands. I turned on the water and put my hand under it and it was still really hot 'ouch!'. I pulled my hands out and waited a few seconds and then tried again 'crap, ouch! it is hot'. So I pulled my hands back out and waited and tried again 'what the hell! it is still hot'. Then Andy looked over and said 'you have the hot water on!'. He reached over and turned it off. In my infinite wisdom I confused the handles. I stood there thinking 'who the hell switched the hot and cold water!'. I was certain that the cold water was on that side. Then Andy laughs and says 'you're like the mouse who keeps getting shocked by the buzzer'. Whatever I am way smarter than that stupid mouse. Not in this instance, but ......eh F him Mr. smarty pants.


  1. LOL...preggo brain is setting in already, eh? :)

  2. Ummm....I'm NOT preggo and I catch myself doing stuff like that all the time!! That said, be careful!!!!

  3. Sexy! Good think you're already pregnant cause you might not be gettin much action wearing those things! :)

  4. I just wore low rise panties through out pregnancy, I was too wigged out by the tent that they call maternity panties.