Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sorry to worry you pumpkins. I am alive. I have just been traveling a ton for work. Just got back into town and no time to write anything substantial. Next post will address Oak and Josey's request as to why I am choosing a home birth. As for now the only critical information you need to know is that yesterday I had this for lunch.
It went down and stayed down. It was the most deliciously glorious lunch I have had in the past 11 weeks. Watch-out sushi it is on like Donkey Kong! Mmmmm I could it some more right now. Gotta go darlings, be back soon.


  1. Your pics on FB were awesome - the airport, etc. look amazing!!

    Can't wait for the post. :)

    Sushi. OMG I miss good sushi. You just gave me a craving that I can't satisfy right now. *sigh*

  2. That looks divine! I so want sushi now!!

  3. Mmmmm, sushi! Glad you are alive, I was about to e-mail to make sure everything was okay, I mean, you haven't asked me a baby question in over a week! Lol, luvs :)

  4. OMG I LOVE SUSHI!!! I so miss it while pregnant - more than wine I think. I have already informed friends & family that whomever visits the baby and myself first better be bringing sushi!

  5. i have missed you, in all your traveling it would be nice to have a visit from you>>>you are just the kind of person who is interesting to me>>>i have dropped ole gucci