Monday, August 2, 2010

2.25 Months....fine...9 Weeks

This one snuck up faster. Since my dates were all wonky and have now been revised that puts today at 9 weeks. Today Baby Center said "she is starting to look more and more human". So we're moving out of the freaky tadpole alien phase and into the piglet with oversized head phase. Also according to B.C. the placenta is developed enough to start taking over hormone regulation. Get on that placenta, I am ready to start feeling good and to start eating food again.
I went to acupuncture on Friday because I had a credit left with her and she said we could try to work on the nausea thing. Since mine is fairly mild, i.e. I can function at work without puking in the trash can, she suggested we just do weekly sessions. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I probably can't afford to keep coming once the credit runs out. Turns out she is pregnant too. About the same time frame as me (did I already tell you all this, sorry for the story repeat, I can't keep up with myself these days). When I had started my sessions with her, she had mentioned that they would start trying soon. Not like I was expecting a 'hey we're trying now", but it surprised me when she told me. I am excited for her. She is 35, but thin and gorgeous, what a bitch right? We commiserated about all our symptoms. She is feeling about the same. Basically chunky around the middle, naseous and tired. I swear it feels like with the hormones your belly chub just can't be held in anymore. I might even have to admit to having a muffin top if I didn't try extra hard to suck in whenever I pass something reflective. Eh whatever. It is only going out from here. hahaha.

I spent about 45 minutes at the fabric store on Saturday trying to get inspiration for the nursery, but walked away with nothin'. Did I mention Andy wants to paint sharks on the wall? Don't tell me this surprises you. Even if you know just a little about Andy, this should seem like par for the course with him. As you might also have guessed/seen, it is Shark Week on Discovery. That just started last night, but the Shark themed nursery came up a few weeks ago. When he first mentioned it, it just made me giggle, 'silly Andy is just being ridiculous'. When he brought it up last week it made me emotional, 'he's trying to ruin my nursery!'. Then I started to see that maybe we could compromise 'there is a way to do it tastefully. We could paint the walls blue and the sharks in silhouette with a grey and I could find some modern fabrics that maybe looked like bubbles'. When I brought up that I thought of a way we could both be happy, then he said 'forget it'. He thought my compromise was not good enough. If he can't paint a shark swimming towards you with his mouth open, he's not interested. Hmmmm. Who would have thought he would be the inflexible one when it came to a Shark nursery. I spent a few minutes in the "nursery" on Saturday. In other words, I was tired after hanging shelves in my sewing room so I went into the guest room (future nursery) and laid on the bed staring at the ceiling fan and thinking about the room. We have two dressers in there that go with the headboard. I would like to paint them. I am thinking black and then painting the hardware red. What? you're shocked at my color scheme. In addition to hating the week system, I also hate pastels. Okay I don't hate pastels. It isn't like I would join a group against them or something. I just think bold nurseries are so much more fun! Although I did see an image of one nursery that had hot pink and lime green striped walls. I think it could have been pulled off if the furniture and bedding wasn't also bright pink and lime green. There is tasteful and then there is over the f-ing top.
I will probably wait on the nursery for a while longer. As much as I think my idea for a nursery could go either way, I kind of think some decisions would be better made once we know which sex the baby will be. Yes I am pretty much resolved to finding out the sex. At first I really didn't want to, but I just don't think I would have the ability to say no if there is an option to find out. Heck I couldn't even wait 14 days to take my home test. For now I am just excited about getting through my last few weeks of nausea (let's hope) and make it to the phase of feeling great.


  1. Sorry to hear that you've been feeling a little under the weather, but if it's a mild case that's great news! That is one thing I am scared to death of - morning sickness! :( The idea for sharks in the nursery cracks me up. I think you're right that you could include them if Andy really wanted them, just maybe not a huge one swimming towards the crib, ha!

  2. Lol, Andy sounds like quite the character!

    Wow, I can't believe you're at 9weeks already - time seems to be flying by for you. Only another month until you're out of the dreaded first trimester!!