Monday, July 12, 2010

Teeth optional

I went on a work trip this week to check on one of my projects. Things are going great. My flight back was delayed by two hours, which put me back in Denver at 12:30p. Yay! Since I had some extra time in the airport I decided to expand my pallet by having dinner at restaurant instead of grabbing fast food. I wasn't expecting to be astounded by the cuisine, but I didn't realize that it was actually the menu from a nursing home. Usually when I get to an unfamiliar restaurant that looks to be at best, mediocre I stick to a club sandwich or something similarly hard to be revolted by.

But there is that whole lunch meat thing, which now that I am trying to think about it (now that thinking is harder to do), I am not actually sure why I can't eat lunch meat. Is it a nitrate issue or something? Help supplement my brain power on this issue. Anyway, when you take lunch meat out of your options that leaves chicken fingers or pot roast. When the waiter came over I kind of giggled when I asked what he preferred. It seemed pretty ludicrous to me to ask for a recommendation like I was sitting down in a five star restaurant. He said the pot roast and who am I to argue? (thinking back if he really wanted to help me out he would have said 'stick to water and then hit up the burger king'). 

What came out a few minutes later made me laugh even harder. In a bowl/plate shaped like a star was a giant pile of food. Several brown lumps of dehydrated meat were topped with a stack of onion rings. Below the "pot roast" was a generous helping of vegetable medley. You know the kind they serve you in school with the "fancy cut" carrots and squash. Below that was a lump of "mashed potatoes" which I am pretty certain were really potato flakes. The only reason they resembled mashed potatoes was because when you would get a scoop where a pea had jumped on board it would give you the illusion that this was once an actual potato. I wanted to snap a picture of this delectable dish, but guess what silly me did? I left my camera at the project site. Seriously it was when I went to find my camera to take a picture of my nursing home food that I realized I had left it. My client was a dear and got it back to me this morning, but now the world will be a far less hilarious place because I missed the picture of this wonderful meal. I'd say I would go back and get it again just for the picture, but after paying $16 that is surely never to happen. Ah C'est La Vie.


  1. Natalie - Listerosis ( is the reason they say to avoid deli meat.

    That being said, my friends' doctors almost all said that deli meat once a week isn't going to hurt you... and if you're at home, just heat it up first, then cool it in the fridge and eat it and you'll be perfectly safe.

    My girlfriend that is 37 weeks pregnant has eaten deli meat her entire pregnancy with zero complications. I guess the problem is just if you end up being that % that does.

    Anywho, there's your explanation. :)

    The airport looks great! My hubby golfs out at Mesquite every year and I've driven through St. George. That will be great to have a nice airport there.

  2. Well said Josey, that's exactly the issue, that being said I LOVE LOVE LOVE turkey sandwiches and didn't give them up entirely...I was just a little more picky about the quality of my lunch meat and ate it a little less.