Sunday, June 27, 2010

Random Time Filler Post

We're about to take off for Seattle, but I wanted to say something today. I know we are all waiting impatiently for the doctor's call tomorrow. And I of course am trying to stay calm, not go out and buy up every baby item I can think of, and not over-analyze all the things going on in my body
For those of you with your own ovary battles I wanted to post a snippet of the things I noticed that suggest I might be preggers:
  • tenderness of the boobs. This was illustrated to me by our first child, Lincoln, who head butted me in the chest a few days ago and it almost made me pass out. Then I started paying attention to my breastages. But who could be mad at this?
  • Fatigue. Not a lot but I could definitely keep on sleeping if given the opportunity. Also noticed my willingness to go to bed. I am usually a night owl and have to force myself into bed before 10pm.
  • Exhaust issues: this should be pretty self-explanatory, I'll give you a hint it has nothing to do with being tired. Don't make me spell it out. I don't like talking bodily functions.
  • Number 2 issues. Not going here, just a weird mix of strangeness.
  • Famished: usually I can make it to work before I eat breakfast, but a couple mornings I had to break out a granola bar on the train to keep from feeling nauseous.
  • Forgetful: My brain is usually like a bear trap, it will catch everything, but I found a couple times this week where some tid bits slipped through. I chalked it up to it being summer, but it could be a sign of early onset baby brain. As I have started to increasingly say silly things it is becoming more apparent that strange things are happening to my thought process. Last night Bret and I were standing on her balcony looking and I said "do some of the units have fireplaces?" and she was like "all of them do" (including hers which we had just sat for two hours facing while we watched a movie). So we both laughed at me.
  • A spot: I thought this was a deal breaker until I looked it up. On day six a little red spot showed up, but I noticed it was different than the "period spotting" I was used to. Which resulted in me googling it. Turns out it may be implantation spotting, which shows up around 5-7 days after ovulation.Then yesterday and today I noticed that there was a pink tinge to my toilet paper (lovely huh?). I tried not to freak out although I wanted to burst into tears with Bret. Turns out this can be completely normal too the first month and most woman don't notice it because they don't know they are pregnant and just think it is a normal part of menstration. Reading this made me calm down and realize I need to take a major chill pill from now until I find out tomorrow. Jeeze brain, give me a break will ya?
So there ya go people: the handful of signs. I will let you know what i hear from the doctor tomorrow! YAY!


  1. That sure sounds like pregnancy to me! I'm pulling for you, love.

  2. You are so knocked up. No question here on my part!

  3. I am freaking out right now I am so excited for you!!! OMG I HOPE THIS WAS YOUR CYCLE!!