Monday, June 14, 2010

Hardcore Stage Crew

Today I found myself sans camera and ready to kick myself in the ovaries for not always having one on hand, when I encountered one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. If he had been spotted in a Walmart he certainly would have been on the next "People of Walmart" mass e-mails to go out. Don't ask me where he was going or what adventures he was about to embark on. My only hope is that I can do him justice with my description and photoshopped interpretation of him. 
Allow me to set the scene: It is 6:40am, I am riding the McDonalds train to seriously they started wrapping the trains in ads and my usual car was wrapped in a McDonalds ad. Aside: Does McDonalds really need to advertise anymore? Aren't people thoroughly programmed by this point? I guess not because I haven't been to a McDonalds in a few years.....wait a minute...ah well played McDonalds. You are specifically targeting me aren't you? I have to say that is pretty special for you to learn my habit of choosing the third train car. I would have preferred diamonds, but I get your message. I'll think it over.  Anyhoo, I am on the McDonalds train and it is the hour where the only patrons are usually business people and/or students. Well this older gentleman man gets on board and he quickly caught my eye. Here's why. I noticed that he had a grey goatee, a black bandana, and a black t-shirt with the sleeves cut-off. He was wearing torn-up jeans, combat boots, and carried a napsack. It was very grunge circa-1994 which makes sense because he looked like an early 90s washed up grunge guitarist....maybe a drummer, I tried not to draw too many conclusions. Anyway the cut-off t-shirt just really showcased the scattered tattoos on his flabby arms. I am relieved to see that you don't need to actually have arm muscles to show them off. So far his overall look made a whole lot of sense. Then I glanced at the writing on his shirt: "Jonas Brothers".....WTF? Um, did I miss something here? So I took another look and sure enough that is what it said. It was only after he stood up and got off the train that I realized it said in little letters underneath "crew 2008". Oh okay. That makes a little bit of sense, but really dude? Are you that proud that you crewed for the Jonas Brothers concert? Here is my artistic interpretation of what he looked like. If you see this man, congratulate him on being a part of music history.

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