Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unreconciled New Layers....and How I Almost Lost My Grandma

Do you ever feel like you're not getting a message even when it is right in front of your nose? Every once in a while I will be working on an AutoCAD file and this little conversation bubble pops up saying "Unreconciled New Layers" "New layers were found that may need to be reconciled". This is an extremely annoying message because usually it means before you can plot a drawing you need to reconcile the layers otherwise you'll send a 8 1/2 foot long drawing to the large format printer and nothing will show up.....just as an example. On the flip side of that, my coworkers kids get another giant sheet of paper to doodle on. So isn't that a win-win situation in the long run? Trees Schmeeze it's not like I have any responsibility to the environment in anyway....what is that you say? Oh I am a LEED AP huh? You don't say. *guilty gulp*. Anyhoo. So every once in a while one of these messages pops up and it behooves me to pay attention. Well after my recent blurb e-mail to E.T. (new abbreviation for Evil Temptress, refer to yesterday), I get a five paragraph essay back from her inquiring "how I am feeling, do I need to talk some things out with them" blah blah blaaaahhh. Drama, yuck! Apparently my two sentence response was not what she hoped for. Because apparently her son and Big Butter are ecstatic about wedding plans and think this getaway together will be fun, but all I said was "I'll pencil you in" basically.  
As I didn't have time to respond yesterday (because I was reclaiming my childhood by taking in "Mary Poppins" down at the Buell Theater with Big Butter and G-ma) it gave me some time to mull my response over. That coupled with the notes from my blog buddies yesterday and then this little "unreconciled new layers" reminder pops up and I am like 'you're right, there are unreconciled new layers that need to be know for an extremely discombobulated and frustrating computer program, you are kind of wise sometimes'.  I haven't quite figured out what I am gonna say back to her, but I am keeping the "moving on" perspective in mind. But I do always enjoy Big Butter's advice (because I love sending him the e-mails she sends me) which is to tell her, and I quote, "b**** im gonstab you in the face!". Hahaha, he is always good for a laugh. By the way ladies, he's single, and adorable. Not sure how this post turned into a "date my brother" advertisement, but since it has gone there, here's a picture!

Oh, so I almost posted this without a very key event from yesterday. As previously mentioned, took the g-ma-ster to Mary Poppins yesterday. Now she is a little elderly and a little loopy. She's been loopy for years, but obviously she is getting more so as time has gone on. I have lots of funny stories to tell about the things she has said, if the blog gets a little slow I will whip one of those puppies out and make you all roll on the ground. But the point of this story is to talk about last night. So I made up the guest bed and asked Andy to clean the guest bathroom and such so that she could stay the night, since the show started at 7:30 and g-ma rarely drives, let alone at night. But when the show ended at 10:30p she was quite sure she wanted to drive home and what am I gonna do about it? She is my elder for Pete's sake (I think it is actually "peats sake" but I like to think a guy named Pete is involved somehow)! So I take her (because I was driving her around... my cousin drove her to my office building, then we all went out to lunch, then took my cousin to the airport, then went to the show) to the Park-N-Ride which is right next to I-25. And I explain to her to follow me out and then I will turn left at the light and she should turn right and then immediately turn right onto I-25 north. She's following me, we get to the light. I am waiting for the turn signal when she turns right and then she proceeds to go across the bridge over I-25 and off into the great unknown. Damn! My light turns green and I turn left and promptly u-ey back to find long lost g-ma. But either that lady was fast, or she figured it out in the time it took me to turn around and follow after her. I went quite a ways searching for her before I turned around thinking she couldn't have gotten that far. I go home and then wait to call her. Of course while I waited I started rehearsing my speech of what to tell our entire family should she be dead on the road somewhere.
This is when you start trying to remember how crazy your grandma really is. Like she says funny stuff and gets her stories all mixed around, but she can still read highway signs and know which way is north and south right? (Thank God Uncle Rick is in Albuquerque if she gets too far he can intercept her). And even though I helped her at the theater turn off her cell phone because she doesn't know how, she probably knows how to turn it back on right? You can imagine the guilt is building and I all but drove up the highway in my pjs searching for her. Around 12:30a I figure she would have made it or have been picked up by a highway patrol officer who could help her turn on her cell phone and call me. I call the house and no answer. So I leave a message decide there isn't much I can do and put my cell phone on my side table. At 1:45am I get a call. It is G-ma, she is sorry that she didn't call sooner, she went over to Aileen's (who I am now dubbing her Partner-in-Crime) and they hung out for a while before she came home! And then she said 'go back to sleep hunny'. Mmmkay...again she is my elder gotta listen to her, plus I was pretty much asleep while we were talking. Then this morning I am like "um What?". My g-ma went over to her girlfriend's house at 12am to hang out for a while? Wow this puts my "Partying Like a Rock Star" into a whole new perspective. You mean to tell me my grandma is closer to partying like a rock star then I am? You've gotta be kidding me. I guess when you're in your 70s and you no longer have a husband or a job, you can do whatever the hell you want, but damn! I just got shown up on St. Patty's Day by my grandma.


  1. LMAO - first off, your gma sounds awesome. I love that she showed you up on St. Patty's day.

    Secondly, reconciling the layers sounds like a GREAT idea. Carrying around hurt and resentment just makes YOU a hurt and resentful person and doesn't really solve anything. You'd rather be a happy and supportive person, right? :)

    ps - why does your blog not let me follow comments?

  2. You're so right Josey! and in response to your P.S. I have no idea. That is probably why it won't let you. Is there some box somewhere that I should have checked?