Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching up on the Procrastination

Mmmkay, so remember my post about how to make a quilt in 3 years? No, me neither obviously because I was supposed to post final pictures of how it turned out. Well I am doing that now, so lay off okay? The finished product.

Oh and since it has only been a month since our "company" ski trip, better take care of that one too. The reason that is in quotes is the only people from the company were myself and Nate, luckily we each brought our spouses otherwise it would have been really sad. Everyone else, who all really really wanted to go and even asked me to move the date so more people would be able to come, bailed on us. But it ended up being pretty darn awesome anyway. Nate and Holly, seen below in photographic evidence, are awesome and we had such a good day.
The reason Holly is laughing so hard is because Nate is too big fer his britches. So she was having to help him close them up. Welcome to your late twenties Nate. 'bout time men had to deal with this sort of thing.
While Andy affixes his skiing apparel....

I take care of business by combining peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate.

Andy looking stud-muffinly at the base of the mountain

Post- skiing we needed a "company" photo for next year's Christmas Party slideshow and I like this one because the giant chair makes me look small. Note to self get some giant furniture for the house....and buy a giant house.


Okay that is all for now. I am sure there will be more procrastination catch-up as the months go on.

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