Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nausea....but not the kind you hope for.

Yep I got sick Tuesday night...gross nauseated wish-you-would-just-die-to-end-the-pain sick. I hate that kind of sick. And it comes on so quickly and unexpectedly. Here's what happened. Tuesday I get home from work, reheat some left-overs from the yummy meal I had made the night before then I sit down to watch a documentary with hubby. I thought I gave myself plenty of digestion time even after the three thin mints I allowed myself (FYI I did make it home without opening them and was able to limit myself to just those few cookies, YAY for my restraint!). Then I jumped on my elliptical and worked out for an hour. All was well and good, until I climbed into bed later that night. I started feeling a little sick to my stomach. Hmmm must not have waited long enough after eating to work out...or maybe I drank too much water after working out....or maybe...could it be? I tried not to get too excited at the thought that it might be possible that I was pregnant. Ugh stupid brain, get's you all excited for no stinkin' reason.
Anyhoo, so I get to sleep....for two hours, then I am up every one to two hours for the rest of the night. Suddenly I am thinking, if this is pregnancy maybe I was wrong about wanting it so badly. Surely some of you know the feeling, laying on the bathroom floor, hoping for some sort of relief...all I could think about was broccoli. The dish I had made the night before and had reheated for dinner on Tuesday was a chicken, broccoli and pasta dish and all I could think about at 1am, 2:30, 3:30a, etc. was how evil that darn broccoli was. It had to be the broccoli's fault. And I love broccoli so much, how could it betray me in this way? It couldn't have been the girl scout cookies....surely they aren't to was definitely the broccoli!. So this is what I am thinking as I lay there hoping for my life to end.
All this might have been prevented....or at least the multiple times I had to get out of bed....if I didn't have issues throwing up. Yes it is true, I have a horrible time throwing up. I don't think I have actually thrown up since my age was in the single digits....don't get me wrong I have spent several a nights laying on the bathroom floor, eyes watering, hoping for something, but nada. For some reason I can't do it. It's not for lack of trying, I tell you that much. So it is possible if I had been able to "take care of business" my first go-round I maybe wouldn't have spent the entire night in and out of bed...but I guess that is just my theory.
So at 6am, what I figure is a respectable hour to leave messages, I call in sick to work and leave a message on my dentist's voicemail about my inability to come in for a cleaning and I am sorry for the inconvenience. I maybe carried that message on too is hard to say. I will probably show up for my next cleaning and the receptionist will say 'Oh Natalie I am so sorry to hear you were up all night...and every hour...I think you are right about that broccoli!'.
Around 7 I climbed back into bed and was able to stay awake until hubby's alarm went off at 8:30pm (slacker!...ahem). Hubby turns to me and says 'you going in late to work today?'. Me: 'no I am not going in at all, I am sick'. Hubby: 'oh no what's wrong?'. What's wrong? What's WRONG? I have been up all night, in and out of bed, talking on the phone while laying right next to you, what do you mean what's wrong? I am starting to question his ability to know if someone breaks into our house to steal our TV. Anyhoo, not his's the broccoli. So I take my temp. 101. Awesome...maybe not the broccoli after all.
Most likely, this is all due to the fact that I have been horribly bad about getting enough rest lately and with the stress of studying for my final exam I am to the point of over-exhaustion. I am not sure why I am ever surprised when this happens. It has happened more than a dozen times. This type of 24 hour flu business is my body's way of telling me 'hey stupid! You're not going to do anything today....other than lay in bed or on the bathroom floor. hahaha. yeah next time maybe you will take better care of yourself!'. After my phone calls are made and a trash can is strategically placed next to the bed, in case my 20 year no-throwing-up streak is about to end, and I sit the bed up a little (genius of us to buy an Ergo-Motion frame i.e. an old people hospital bed that you can sit the head and foot up and put in zero gravity mode!), I am able to get about four hours of sleep (Aaahhh finally) and I spend the rest of the day either laying in bed studying or laying on the couch with the pups watching The Notebook. Needless to say I woke up today feeling quite a bit better, still woozy and a little sick to the tummy, but no fever. So off to work I went.
So the good news in all of this, I haven't had any desire to eat another one of my girl scout cookies. The thought of them kind of turns my stomach. The bad news is I still have two tupperware containers full of the broccoli chicken pasta dinner and there is no way that is happening either!


  1. Yikes. I hope you continue to improve. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that was just a minor taste of what "morning sickness" is like. Also, not to be a wet blanket or anything, but "morning sickness" is a misnomer. It's more like "all hours of the day and night sickness". Anyway. Feel better. Throw the pasta away.

  2. Uhhggg! I had that same thing, a 24 hr tummy turner with a fever (funny enough, the fever bothered me more than the upset tummy...maybe it's cause I've been through "morning" sickness...twice) Anyway, the only upside was that I noticed a nice difference in my waistline after that 24 hrs, and sadly enough it might have been worth it. I agree with Gucci Mama, throw the pasta away!

  3. I wish I lived closer to take your leftovers - it sounds delish!

    Bummer that you've been so sick. Being sick is miserable. :( I'll be thinking of you and hoping that next time it's sickness for a better reason!!

  4. Ohhh, this could have been something I wrote! My biggest fear about pregnancy is the morning sickness! I haven't thrown up since I was about 5, I was totally traumatized. Elgh. And I agree, get rid of the leftovers!