Monday, January 11, 2010

01/11/10...Natalie Loves Palindromes

I find that there is really nothing more fun than palindromes....okay maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration.... but I do get pretty darn excited when I find one and there really is no explicable reasoning behind it. So today I looked down at my phone at work to discover the date on the fancy display is a palindrome! YAY! Now if only I had discovered it at 11:11am and not two in the afternoon. Of course if that had happened I might have peed my pants and then had to leave work early. So let's all be thankful that I did not see more than one palindrome when I looked down today. But to exaggerate my dorkiness....and because my camera was still in my purse from my trip to Las Vegas this past weekend, I took a picture so when I got home to write the blog about my dorky palindrome I would have an image to put up. I have to appologize to my reader(s) my blog is extremely lacking in the image department. I keep meaning to spruce it up, but as of late I have rarely had my camera in tow....this is definitely something that I need to improve upon in the coming year. Note: It's okay if you all want to stop reading my blog and/or associating with me in any way now that you discovered what a huge dork I am. But really if you didn't have any inkling of an idea before this, I would say you were pretty darn unobservant. So I am putting it back on you.

Anyway I didn't just start an entry to talk about the silly palindrome date...eventhough I do consider that reason enough. I was thinking today how I didn't actually make a New Year's resolution in the strictest sense of the word. See in my opinion New Year's resolutions are just made to be broken. Therefore I choose not to "officially" make them so that I won't be disappointed when February rolls around and I realize what a worthless attempt I have made. See I set myself up for success right from the start. This is a suggestion I make to kind of goes along with the idea that when I am making to do lists I put one or two things on there that I already accomplished that day so I can put check marks next to them (What you might be thinking: 'what if you haven't done anything yet when you are making the to do list?' well dearest reader(s) why not put "make a to do list" and then check that puppy off!). It is like an instant motivator for me. Again if you didn't realize that I was a dork you really have no one to blame but yourself.

Since I obviously like to start my years off feeling great, I also don't make any resolutions that cast me in a negative light (yes even to one is more critical of you then yourself, so why enable that negative side?). For instance, the obvious resolution for so many people is "get into better shape" or "lose the muffin top" or "seek psychiatric help", but in my opinion that is kind of a non-loving way to start out your year. Besides, getting into better shape has been on my to do list since I shook hands with the Dean at Cornell and snatched up my master's degree. So that goal is sort of in the back of my head at all times anyway...and I am making some good progress with that, but that is another story/entry. So moving on. Now at this point one might be thinking 'Natalie you don't make any lofty resolutions and you don't resolve to do anything that might make you feel bad about your current physique/mental what the heck do you "unofficially" resolve you big loony toon?'. Well first of all, you need to calm down...hehehe, just kidding. My "unofficial" resolution have more fun! This may sound pretty ridiculous to those who have specific goals for the coming year, but to me it's the perfect resolution. First because it is so open to interpretation that I will surely fulfill I said, setting myself up for success. And second because it reminds me what is important in life.

So what does having more fun mean to me? Well first it means finishing my darn architectural exams so that I can have more fun. I have officially received "passes" on four of the tests and am fairly certain the one I took a couple of weeks ago was a "pass" as well, but it will be another three to five weeks before I know for certain. So with five down and only two to go, my unofficial resolution means I need to buckle down and study to get these last suckers out of the way of my play time. Then it is all sunshine and lollypops on my horizon for 2010, unless you think about that pesky California supplemental exam, but let's just shove that little grey cloud out of the picture for now and focus on the sunshine. Ahhh, doesn't it look good. Now imagine a blanket in the sand by some rolling waves.....ooooo. Now maybe place a little strawberry margarita there beside you, don't forget to put on some will be less enjoyable if you end up with a sunburn fact, just put on a big sun hat and sunglasses while you're at it, don't worry you will you look completely chic....aahhh. Perfect! So my "sunshine and lollypops" includes spending more time with my loving and amazing husband, so he's one of my big ole happy rays of sunshine. Then there is having more time to pursue my other "loves in life" i.e. sewing and designing clothes, crafting, etc. And there are a few things I would like to try for the first time. For instance, my dad and I are going to train for a triathlon this spring. I actually meant to do one last year, but decided the Breast Cancer 3-Day was enough of a goal for one year. Now you might be saying 'Natalie training for a triathlon does not sound like a whole lot of fun'. To which I would answer, very blasé, 'life is what you make of it'. In reality when the training goes full-swing I will not be thinking 'ooo this is so much fun!'. But some sick sadistic part of my brain seems to think it is going to be a lot of fun getting ready for this and such an amazing accomplishment if...errr I mean when I successfully complete one. Maybe I think it will be fun because it is a new challenge, it involves swimming and cycling which are two of my favorite physical activities...apart from skiing and horseback riding. Which gets me thinking of an awesome idea for a "Natalie" Triathlon...but I digress. Plus it will also be an opportunity for my dad and I to hang out more as we get ready for this endeavor together. And really running isn't too far down on the list of physical activities I like to do. The challenge, obviously, is merely putting the three activities together into one large package and doing them in a row. But let's not focus on anything negative...let's just focus on the fun and the fact that it fulfills that teeny teeny mini-resolution that I keep entirely unofficial and completely underwraps, getting into better shape. HA! So in the end it seems I am just like everyone else I just swirl it all around, twisting and manipulating my wording and come out to say the exact same thing!....Looks like it is time to run for some politicial office! But I am shoving the "train for and participate in a triathlon" into the"unofficial" have more fun resolution umbrella.

As for other sunshine and lollypops I haven't completely decided....and that is the other great thing about having an "unofficial" and completely positive, yet laid back, New Year's resolution. You can pick and choose what you want as you go and in the end it fulfills the overall goal. So in an attempt to fulfilling my overall goal, I am off to study for my next exam and get some rest!

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