Thursday, November 5, 2009

Release Your Inner Hippie!

So....wait that is a terrible way to start a blog....redo.

I am on a quest to release my inner hippie....that is to say more than it is already released. I am a pretty big hippie as is, I take public transit, ride my bike home from work because sometimes I feel guilty about the resources used for public transit....okay just kidding I ride my bike home for exercise, but I had you going there for a minute. You were wondering if I shave my armpits weren't you? Eeeww I made a sworn promise to myself years ago to shave my armpits no matter the level of hippie I achieve. It was actually during a date with Andy that this promise was made, we were at one of my favorite places to eat in Greeley, Teriyaki Bowl, and we got in line behind a couple. It was a summer day so sleeves were not a required accessory at that time of year. The woman was wearing a tank top and lifted her arms to rearrange her hair and bam! Andy and I were so horrified that we had to leave the restaurant. Wow I get distracted super easy!

Back to the point! Sorry. Andy and I are super into documentaries! And when I mean super into them I mean REALLY into them. We've watched documentaries on everything from female stuntwomen, to maximum security prisons, to human trafficking, etc. Thanks to Netflix a whole new world has opened up to us. Well last night we watched "Food, Inc". This isn't the first time we've heard similar information. We watched a documentary a long time ago, the name escapes me, it discussed the whole patenting of seeds by large companies and cloned food, etc. Anyhoo, as there is a tiny bit of environmentalist blood in me, I am a big proponent of buying local foods when possible and keeping my footprint on the earth semi-contained. You would be correct in assuming this is difficult to do when my job involves traveling throughout the country to design airports and that one of my favorite pastimes is to travel internationally, but this is most likely why I am so adamant about doing what I can whilst at home... I love the word whilst, by the way....again easily distracted.

So about six months ago we bought bulk beef from one of my co-workers family. The meat turned out to be amazingly yummy, plus we were not only supporting a local farmer, but also a local processing business. We don't have the kind of dough necessary to shop at Whole Foods for all our groceries and/or buy all organic, but we do what we can when we can. In the movie, there is a farmer out in Virginia (too bad I was hoping that he'd be local) who runs Polyface Farm ( This is an amazing guy! After we watched the movie I began researching similar establishments in Colorado and I stumbled across a site called "Eat Wild" It lists all the farms around Colorado and you can even click on the link to map out where they are to determine which ones are closest to you! As this is a new discovery, I haven't checked out any of these local businesses for myself, but I plan too. And I also want to compile a list of seasonal local items that are available at farmers markets and grocery stores. So like I said...out comes the inner hippie!

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